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We know there are two reasons people buy solar for their homes: to drastically reduce their utility bills and to actively help protect the environment by reducing fossil fuel pollution.

At Home Solar Inc. we understand that people want answers, not a sales pitch. That’s why our Sacramento-area solar company takes a different approach, with no selling—ever. We ask and answer questions, and we consult. We take pride in the approach of leading the customer down the path to solar, without pushing them.

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When you’re looking for a solar company in Sacramento, we understand that you want to gather as much information as you can before talking to a salesperson, so we’ve designed our website to answer the most common questions people have, including the two most important questions you must ask before buying solar:

1) How much solar does my home need?
2) How do I fit the cost of solar into my budget and have it make sense?

Watch this video to find answers to those two critical questions!

All of our systems include a Ten-Year All Parts and Labor Warranty, in addition to those offered by the manufacturers. If an issue comes up, we will fix it right away to get you up and running.

Since 1984, our Sacramento-area solar company has helped thousands of families, just like yours, reduce their energy costs and we can help you. Explore our website to find out more about how your  solar installation will save you money.

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Our consultants are not paid on commission, and we don’t offer in-home sales. Instead, our “Remote Consulting” service allows you to explore our website, then call or email us with questions.

To let you know how much money you could potentially save each month on your electric bill, we will then do a site analysis of your home, where we will meet you outside of your home and measure your roof’s solar exposure levels using cutting-edge technology, giving us the ability to provide the most accurate analysis.