Greetings, and welcome to my company’s website.
My name is Tom Caruthers; my company is Home Solar, Inc.

It is the Right Time to Embrace Energy Independence

I founded Home Solar, Inc., because I believe the time is right for the American people to embrace energy independence and break the stronghold utility providers have over our economy and our lives. I began selling solar energy systems in 1982. Back then, solar energy was used to heat the water we use in our homes to shower, wash dishes and do laundry. Since then, we’ve managed thousands of energy conservation projects and, we’re confident, we’ve got the process figured out.

Technology Now Allows Us to Take Control of Our Energy

Technology has come a long way in the last three decades. Today, we use the Photovoltaic Effect to convert light to electricity and use that power to run our homes. The importance of this cannot be overstated.

Second only to a mortgage payment, the highest cost of home ownership is the price we pay to condition our living space; heating in winter and cooling in summer. Until photovoltaic technology was developed, we were at the mercy of our utility providers. Not anymore. Today, we have the ability to take control of the energy demands of our homes by utilizing this amazing technology.

We Offer a New Way to Purchase Home Solar

I have witnessed the sales model offered by most solar companies and I feel there is a better way. The internet has changed the way people shop for goods and services. Today, we want to research our options and do our comparison shopping online before we speak to a sales person. No longer do we welcome in-home, high-pressure presentations at our dining room table.

Home Solar, Inc. has changed the solar sales paradigm by offering an educational video, which addresses the most common concerns people have when researching the viability of solar for their home:

How much solar do I need for my home?
How can I fit the cost of solar into my budget?

We have produced this video to address these two major concerns.

Additionally, we have included a Solar Calculator that will help you size a solar system for your home. Watch the video then complete the written exercise and input the results into the “Average Monthly Energy Usage” field of the Solar Calculator.

The Last Step to receiving a quote for a solar system for your home will require a Site-Analysis, which will allow us to determine the azimuth of your roof and measure the available space. South and West azimuth is optimum for the northern hemisphere and, available space determines the size and number of modules.

When you are ready, please use the form on the Contact page to schedule your Site-Analysis.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, or would like clarification on anything you see or hear on our website, please call me personally. Let’s have a casual, no-obligation conversation about solar for your home, or any other topic that may be of interest… ☺

Thank you for investing your time.
Tom Caruthers
(916) 759-6095 (personal cell)

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