Savings Created by Nature

Healthy Savings for a Healthier Environment

Considering solar energy residential installation for your Stockton home is a good solution if you want to save money on your electricity bills, and an even greater solution if you want to help reduce the effects that fossil fuels have on our environment.

We at Home Solar Inc. aren’t interested in selling you anything, and we’re sure you aren’t keen on being sold to, either. We understand that people want to be well-informed and make decisions that are based on their individual circumstances. That is why, from consultation to execution, our Stockton area solar company purely counsels our customers.

We’re Not Happy Until You’re Happy

Manipulative and aggressive “hard selling” is something that goes against the foundation of our business practices. We’ll never make our consultants rely on commission. You are not a sales metric to be met. Our Stockton area solar company works with a Remote Consulting mindset: we invite you to do your own research on our website and then contact us if you have any questions.

We’ll offer to conduct a solar site analysis of your Stockton home once you’ve expressed interest. We’ll then set an appointment to meet you outside your Stockton home, and our solar company will evaluate the solar exposure your roofing receives using proprietary methods. The end result will give us the best estimate of how much money you might save yearly.

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Would Solar Power Be a Good Fit for Me?

It can be difficult to gather all of the information about what solar energy solutions are available in the area. We know it can be even harder to then discern the facts from all of the information you find. That’s why we’ve included a comprehensive list of popular questions on our site, such as:

1) What amount of solar energy will I need to power my home?
2) How do I know if I’ll be able to afford to go solar?

Watch the video below to see how we respond to each of these topics.